Sports injuries

Whether you are a professional athlete, weekend warrior or couch potato who accidentally got active, Nigel can help to accurately identify the problem and then treat/rehab appropriately.  An initial physiotherapy consultation entails a thorough sports medicine assessment involving careful questioning,  special orthopaedic tests and physical examination to make an accurate medical diagnosis of your problem. Decisions about optimal treatment  can then be made. Your problem will be explained in clear language, and a plan for treatment with recovery timeframe and goals mapped out.  More serious problems are identified and referred on for medical imaging and/or specialist orthopaedic or neurological referral as appropriate.


Rehab following Orthopaedic surgery and trauma.

This is an area where Nigel has vast experience. Whether you've had an elective joint replacement procedure,  a ligament repair/joint reconstruction, a spinal procedure or a simple or complex fracture, Nigel has seen it all in the past 20 years. You can expect comprehensive rehabilitation, with careful one to one coaching using gym facilities of the often complex progression of various orthopaedic rehab protocols. Relevant rehab exercises are mapped out and documented for you to follow and at Virgin Active, there is the added benefit of a handover to Luke and the very skilled trainer team for end stage/advanced strength and conditioning.


Posture/work related pain.

Whether you've had a specific accident at work, or you've developed posture related pain at your desk or vehicle, physiotherapy assessment can help accurately diagnosis the problem and identify/correct causative elements.

While "sorting the cause" in terms of correcting chair/desk/equipment setup is key to long term resolution, Nigel makes sure relief of current pain and stiffness  is an equal priority  with a combination of "hands on" treatment and simple self directed exercise and relief techniques for home and work.


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