Nigel Roe

Manipulative & Sports Physiotherapist

Postgrad Dip Manip Phty (Otago)  MCSP  MMACP  HCPC  MNZMAP


  • Diploma in Physiotherapy (1990 Otago School of Physiotherapy)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Manipulative Physiotherapy (1993 Otago University, awarded with credit)

Professional Affiliations:

Nigel Roe is a New Zealand physiotherapist with 30 years experience and a special interest in sports and spinal injuries and orthopaedic rehabilitation who after years being London based, has happily settled with his family in Warwickshire. He qualified from the Otago School of Physiotherapy in New Zealand in 1990, and went on to complete a postgraduate diploma in manipulative physiotherapy at Otago University in 1993. This additional 1 year full-time course focused on specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of spinal and limb musculoskeletal problems. 


Nigel's approach:

Within the framework of accurately diagnosing your problem, sorting it's causitive elements, and making sure you understand how to manage it with correct movement, posture and exercise, Nigel’s own actual treatment techniques are principally “hands on”.... using joint mobilising and manipulation techniques, muscle, soft tissue  and trigger point release techniques that can be used to relieve pain, reduce painful protective muscle tightness, restore joint movement and lengthen tight muscles. 

Leaving London...and finding Virgin Active Solihull!

Nigel's wife is a Veterinary internal medicine specialist, and they moved from London to Solihull in 2010 for a new work opportunity for her.  Nigel continued to commute back to his busy North London Practice though for the next 8 years. The arrival of two children in the meantime made the extensive time away from home challenging, and in mid 2017 Nigel made the difficult decision to "close shop" in London to  relocate locally. A long search for a suitable clinic location led to James Walsh and the team at Virgin Active amazing gym with fantastic facilities and the perfect base for building an orthopaedic rehabilitation basedphysiotherapy clinic! Now having survived multiple pandemic lockdowns and gym/clinic closures, Nigel is back and very relieved to be hanging up his home schooling hat to get back to his clinic and to get on with sorting the lockdown broken!

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