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***COVID-19 UPDATE  ( January 1st 2021)***  Clinic now CLOSED for a third time due to Solihull's shift to tier 4 Covid-19 status.......

Being gym based, Nigel's clinic within Virgin Active Solihull had been forced to close yet again as of December 31st. With the current lockdown duration unknown, Nigel has been forced to revert to video only consultations for the time being. This is an unavoidable but extremely disappointing situation, and Nigel apologises for the disruption for current patients, and to referring doctors and specialists for the loss of continuity in normal clinic services. 

TELEHEALTH online video appointements can be booked online with the appointment booking button below. .

And as always, if you have any queries regarding an injury or pain problem you have and you're not sure if a video consultation is suitable for you, feel free to contact Nigel directly by email at nigel@nigelroephysio.com or call/text/WhatsApp on 07957630877

“Expert assessment to diagnose your problem and it's cause,  hands on treatment to sort it, and skilled exercise prescription to prevent it's return.....from a hugely experienced post graduate specialist in musculoskeletal physiotherapy”

Disruption to your training routine or even your normal daily activities due to pain or injury is hugely frustrating. Having had his own fair share of sporting injuries and orthopaedic surgery along the way, Nigel understands this. A decade working with elite level rugby, followed by the best part of two more working with the general public, has  given him the clinical experience and tools to help accurately assess, diagnose and sort your recovery. Treatment is a hands on combination of muscle and joint targeted therapies, complimented by prescription of medical and sports science based functional rehabilitative exercise, customised for your problem. He see's patients with everything from everyday postural back and neck pain issues, to complex post orthopaedic injury or elective surgery. If you're not sure if your problem is suitable for physiotherpy treatment, just call and ask or drop an email....he's very approachable and happy to discuss your situation one to one.

If you’d like to get back on track, make an appointment via the live web booking buttons above or below  for an initial consultation

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